Crystal Pools Orchid Planter | April 25th

Crystal Pools Orchid Planter | April 25th

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Floating amongst the lili pads in glittering, opal waters and lounging in crystal caves. We want to make this vision a reality within a gorgeous, orchid + crystal planter! Dripping vines, fluffy ferns, and jewel tone blooms — we want this planter to transport you to the lush + mystical paradise of your dreams. Plus, we’ll teach some orchid care tips!


We will be making one lush orchid + green plant planter.


At 6:30pm on Thursday, April 25th.


Our new shop! 231 Somerville Ave. Somerville, MA 02143

*Do not show up at our old shop or studio location

Rococo will provide an enchanted cocktail and light refreshments. Please wear comfy shoes and bring a sweater as you'll be working in our cool studio.

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